Vlad Serov2015-10-26 20:47:23
Vlad Serov, 2015-10-26 20:47:23

After unloading the goods in this way, can I load them into the store?

The wholesaler unloads goods through a POST request.
The request will receive data in CSV format (windows-1251)
with the following fields:
code Unique product SKU
folder_id Product folder ID name Product
size Clock size
photo Link to photo with watermark
price Wholesale base price
url Product address on Avangard website
folder_alias Hierarchy folder synonyms (separator — "/")
folder_name Hierarchy of folder names (separator — "/")
attributes Product properties in html format
Question. Can I then upload this data to the opencart system?

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web-mechanic, 2015-10-28

you can even write a script for 3-4 hours of unhurried work, but it is more reasonable to use a ready-made solution. how to say nirvimel extensions a bunch

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