kaktak2552021-03-10 21:53:49
kaktak255, 2021-03-10 21:53:49

After trying to install twrp recovery on android, the phone died, what should I do?

In general, due to the restriction of Internet distribution on tele2, I wanted to change TTL so that everything was fine, and on the way to change TTL, it was necessary to install twrp recovery, but something went wrong, installed via adb, successfully installed in the console, typed reboot command (not I remember how it was), I just turned off, in general, what I have now:
Complete lack of reaction to the power key and sound +, sound-, and all possible combinations of them.

Yes, and before trying to install TWRP, there were attempts to install CWM, and I did it several times, and at some time CWM seemed to be called, but smoothly with some bugs on the screen, I thought, well, figs with him, found TWRP started trying install it, well, that's all.

There were also repeated attempts after a couple of hours on charge, also zero reaction ....
Телефон BQ strike 5044 lte.
What remains for me, reconcile with the death of the phone, or are there any other options?

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Armenian Radio, 2021-03-10

Mobile on the good old Media Library, should be revived from almost any state using the SP Flash Tool. It is important to check that the virtual comport driver is installed (otherwise the software will not see the phone).
In extreme cases, disassemble and distort the battery.

festus13, 2021-03-10

I can’t help you on the phone account, but on the TTL account, if you distribute it on a PC, you just change a few files in the registry (you can find instructions in Google) and you don’t need anything else, if you want to distribute the Internet to another phone, you can just download a program that will you change it, you don’t need to go into the firmware if you don’t know what and how to do it.
UPD. no need to deceive the operator)

CityCat4, 2021-03-11

Fully charge (if it sees charging and is charging).
Find and download a backup of the stock firmware
Install Flashtool, firewood, ensure that Flashtool sees the phone
Sew the stock firmware through Flashtool
And always before sewing twrp - check twenty times that twrp is from your model

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