Alexander Cherny2015-12-20 01:34:27
Alexander Cherny, 2015-12-20 01:34:27

After transferring the site to the server, all internal links always display the main page?

I uploaded the site to the server, made all the settings, the site started up, but when you click on the internal links of the site, the main page is always displayed. In this case, the address in the address bar resp. specific page. What can be wrong?
Site on the latest version of Modx Revo.

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Alexander Cherny, 2015-12-21

Thanks to all who responded. The problem was not in modx at all. The site was uploaded to a fresh vps server, so some settings were not properly made, in my case, these are nginx configs. "Google" quickly found the necessary settings and the problem was fixed.

Sanes, 2015-12-20

Probably your main page is listed as a 404 page. Try disabling or adjusting the CNC.

zooks, 2015-12-20

Yes, most likely the paths are not configured correctly and it gives a 404 error that looks the same as the main one.
Open the F12 developer tools in your browser and see what it says in the console.

Ruslan, 2015-12-20

The classic question is: is a <base href="http://site.ru/"/>specified?

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