Akisulaymonov2017-10-02 10:30:14
Akisulaymonov, 2017-10-02 10:30:14

After transferring the site to another hosting, it gives an error. can you help?

I uploaded the site imagine.co.tj to another hosting, I set everything correctly and the database and other parameters. But somehow the error gives "A PHP Error was encountered"
Severity: Notice
Message: Only variable references should be returned by reference
Filename: core/Common.php
Line Number: 257

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Maxim Kozhin, 2017-10-02

mysql_* functions are deprecated in version 5.6 (deprecated). Calling them produces a Notice.
In older versions, these functions are not available at all.
In your case, a Fatal Error is issued and it says that the function does not exist, which means that your interpreter version is 7 or higher. Change to 5.6 and turn off Notice output and it will work without errors.

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