Grigory Sergaty2015-07-12 13:17:50
Grigory Sergaty, 2015-07-12 13:17:50

After transferring a copy of the site (Wordpress CMS) to a subdomain, it does not load. Is a white screen displayed?

Tried to resolve this issue with Google - nothing helped.
Wp-config is configured correctly, otherwise it gives an error connecting to the database.
Previously transferred the same copy of the site and everything works.
I tried to re-upload folders with files, in order to avoid losing some file. Did not help.
Please advise how to resolve this issue.
Website address:

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Grigory Sergaty, 2015-07-12

The hosting support service solved the issue with loading the site by disabling plugins. Some give a glitch. How to calculate it?

Ruslan Makarov, 2015-07-12

Go to phpmyadmin and in the settings table specify the new site address.

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