golfchampionship2021-04-26 19:30:37
golfchampionship, 2021-04-26 19:30:37

After too many sections are created in the menu, a second menu is created automatically and the sections continue in it, how to fix this?

Let's say the Catalog button, the first level, open the menu, there is a nesting of the second level, so when the second level attachments become 10, the second Catalog button is created and the investments continue there, let's say from 11 in a row already. How can I make the first catalog button contain more items and not create an additional catalog menu? It comes immediately below the first

Catalog +

Catalog +

And in what language is it written? What folder should I look into? This is a problem with the mobile menu

. Thanks in advance to those who suggest a solution :)

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