Sergey Malovichko2016-05-19 12:07:38
Sergey Malovichko, 2016-05-19 12:07:38

After the update, Sublime Text 3 does not correctly highlight the syntax of html + php and js. Who rules?

Updated editor and life stopped.
Now I work with Bitrix. It is quite normal to see code with php and js inserts in one line of html.
So, after inserting php code into html markup or js script, syntax highlighting stops correctly.
There is a solution? Thank you!
A photo card is attached.

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Sasha Chernykh, 2016-07-19

(Please always attach the corresponding piece of code to the screenshot, so that it would be easier for the answerers to help you.)
There is such a thing. I wrote the theme / color scheme myself: after updating to Build 3114, many scopes changed , and it took almost a day to kill to adapt to new scopes.
What to do - write to the developers of the scheme. In fact, they themselves should quickly adjust, but if they do not react, you should hurry them up. Google the name of your color scheme, navigate to its GitHub repository (in rare cases Bitbucket). Click on "Issues", where you report the problem:
It is highly desirable if the scheme developers remain active, otherwise it is better to switch to another one.
Thank you.

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