Dmitry2016-09-13 02:00:38
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Dmitry, 2016-09-13 02:00:38

After the test tasks, no answer, no hello?

It turns out that lately I have been looking for a job (typesetter) and doing test tasks. There is simply no time left to learn new things. And it would be nice if the test tasks would bring some kind of fruit, but in the end they don’t even answer me stupidly: I call 2-3 days after passing, in response “We will write to you” and silence.
So, can you give me some advice on what to do about it? It can somehow discuss this situation with the employer before receiving a test, or show only the result, without code (because it already seems to me that this is just such a scam). Or what in general?

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DevMan, 2016-09-13

if test items take up all your time, then either something is wrong with you, or they are not test items.

yupujexi, 2016-11-15

It's most likely a denial. Or they are not urgent.

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