BonBon Slick2021-02-01 23:24:26
BonBon Slick, 2021-02-01 23:24:26

After the reinstallation, all correspondence disappeared !?

WTF? How now to restore all correspondence after deleting this g?
This r got bugged, did not open and I decided to reinstall it.
All chats are gone, media and stuff.
Should I now correspond with each person in a new way in order to remember everything?

Backups in Google drive were not made, this is nonsense. Were not done.
Locally? Apparently they had to be done manually, the same nonsense, rubbish like everything else from FB and AWS. Only if they were made automatically, but they can't be found, it's empty.

And asking each person to send an export of correspondence sounds wildly stupid and stupid. Such applications should be banned for unnatural go * no UX.

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Vasily Bannikov, 2021-02-02

Whatsapp stores a backup copy of correspondence in the Google cloud. If they are not there, then everything is gone))))
Another reason to switch to a cozy cart

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