Malen Kihren2019-05-31 14:34:22
Malen Kihren, 2019-05-31 14:34:22

After the build on android, humanoid models with bones break. What can be wrong?

Hello. I made the game, everything is displayed correctly in the inspector, but when I throw off the build on the phone because of the humanoid models, or rather, it seems to me, because of the models with bones, the game firstly breaks this model into something incomprehensible, secondly the game flashes black squares and all the colors of the rainbow while the phone may lay that it has to be restarted. There are only 2 models on the scene, one is a car that is displayed correctly, and a model with bones. What is remarkable on the iPhone, everything goes well. That it can be tried as an empty project and ready, different models. Or could it be the phone itself? 5cf1110cbbff2978904113.png how it should be 5cf11128e7862978424188.pnghow to become

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Denis Gaydak, 2019-05-31

project settings would show.
there is a suspicion of GPU Skinning - it may have been enabled. and on the PC, everything is fine))
google what kind of tick if you don’t know. and, in principle, try the neighboring settings, Jobs, etc. to turn off to look)

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