sztabas2011-10-06 19:59:49
sztabas, 2011-10-06 19:59:49

After the autumn update, userscripts on the main habr do not work

They are not working only on the main page (habrahabr.ru). In other places, like q&a, everything works fine. How to fix it? Scripts: FixedHider, Aswer to..., Habra More Posts Autoloader, fastpars.habrahabr.ru. Firefox 7.0.1 linux.

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MiXei4, 2011-10-06

Do posts work?
Some sections like QA have not been updated or not updated much, they still work on mootools, for example. And the posts and the main page have been updated.

atomlib, 2011-10-06

I guess because the markup elements have changed a lot, for example, the selectors used or their priorities have changed.
It is most likely that script writers will correct their creations, or any other capable person will. Although it is not clear whether the owners of the resource will break something else in the coming days.

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