Alexander Babiy2018-12-21 00:34:30
Alexander Babiy, 2018-12-21 00:34:30

After the appearance of the lightbox, the fixation of the block when scrolling stops working. What could be wrong?

Good afternoon!
There is a menu block on the page, which is fixed when scrolling by adding a class with position:fixed.
When scrolling in the opposite direction, the class is removed and the menu falls into its place in the DOM tree
The problem is the following: when you click on the picture, a lightbox appears with a picture in high resolution. After closing the lightbox, the scroll stops working. Why is this happening? How to fix?
Scroll code

var heightOne = $('#one').height();


    console.log('Высота первой секции ' + heightOne);

            $('#two').css("padding-top" , '200px');
        else if ($(this).scrollTop()<heightOne){
            $('#two').css("padding-top" , "0");

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Nikolai Chuprik, 2018-12-23

You have a snippet in your code . Since your code is not formatted, so it’s difficult for your hands to find it, but this is line 791. In short, find this piece and delete it. $(window).unbind('scroll');

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