sometextagain22020-11-05 11:09:45
sometextagain2, 2020-11-05 11:09:45

After the "addNewItm" function, the "ClickDetail" function stops working. What could be the reason?

For some reason after adding a new element. The "ClickDetail" function does not work.
What exactly am I doing wrong? The error is somewhere in the "addNewItm" function, right?

Below is a link to an example with code.

1. Button with "addNewItm" function.
2. "ClickDetail" buttons.
3. After the new element "ClickDetail" doesn't work.
I hope it's not the layout.
Not govnokod, and archiarchitecture.

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Alex, 2020-11-05

Well, open the console and take a look.
You have an error in ClickDetail
Function has a required argument But you call it without arguments
function ClickDetail(e){

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