Maxim Anarchistov2015-09-08 22:26:21
Maxim Anarchistov, 2015-09-08 22:26:21

After switching to win10, the computer turns off. What is the reason?

The tablet is turned off, which was transferred from win8 to win10. On win8, this situation did not happen.
1. Shutdown occurs after the battery is discharged to 60% at random times. When you connect the charger, the shutdown does not occur.
2. There were no temperature spikes, peak CPU usage, or other distinct effects on computer performance at shutdown times.
3. Shutdown occurs after login to the system. If you leave the computer on but not logged in (or enter UEFI or Computer Recovery), the shutdown does not occur. Also, the computer shuts down when entering safe mode.
I broke my head what the problem is. How to solve without downgrading back?

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Denis Ineshin, 2015-09-08

Maybe you do not have a licensed copy? Win 8, after the expiration of the trial period, likes to do this.

Valentin, 2015-09-09

Also see power management.

Ivan, 2015-09-10

I think the problem is in the transition to windows 10.

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