NewBeHere2020-03-29 13:44:26
NewBeHere, 2020-03-29 13:44:26

After starting the computer, the programs were erased, how to solve?

Windows 7
The problem is the following: I started the computer, it hung on the phrase "Welcome", seeing that nothing was happening for a long time, I pressed the restart button, after that everything started, but the system took on the appearance of almost last year's prescription, that is, programs, background desktop, bookmarks in chrome - all this was about a year ago, as if there was a flight to some kind of restore point, but the fact is that I created several of them a couple of months ago, trying to view these points, it writes to me, that they are not.
How could this happen? Is it possible to return everything that was lost, or is it already all over?

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15432, 2020-03-29

maybe you have two hard drives, and the system is now booting from the second one. in the BIOS settings, select the first disk as bootable

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