Alyosha2017-11-11 19:55:03
Google Chrome
Alyosha, 2017-11-11 19:55:03

After starting the computer, google chrome manages to open one page, then freezes for 30 seconds, has anyone come across it?

I've been looking all over the place, has anyone had this problem? Other browsers do not freeze.
1) Disable extensions
2) Disable google services from scheduler
3) Reinstall chrome
4) Clear cache
5) Sign out of your account
6) Reset chrome settings
7) reset settings in chrome://flags/
8) disable hardware acceleration
9 ) Disable Windows from startup, all applications (although I only have telegrams, lightshot, and a small utility there)
1) In the task manager, the load on the processor, video card, network is not observed.
2) All tabs hang, with settings, new tabs, already open tabs.
3) After it works stably, even if after that you close and open chrome, everything is still stable, i.e. hangs only at the first boot in the system session.
4) Other browsers always work stably.
5) The hardware is powerful enough, the system is on ssd
6) worth win10, with all the latest updates.
7) Checked for viruses

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Alyosha, 2017-11-13

win 10 Settings > Network and Internet > Proxy > Uncheck "Detect settings automatically"
Chrome no longer slows down on first start, what a bug xs.

Griboks, 2017-11-11

I had something similar in Yandex. Recreated the profile and everything worked fine.

Dan Shestak, 2017-11-11

He acted even more radically - he interrupted Windows!

lukoie, 2017-11-12

And from the description of the system it follows that when Windows starts, Chrome starts itself, while the browser itself freezes (the system does not freeze).
You also need to check the shortcut (!) From which Chrome starts - once there was such a malware that wrote itself into shortcuts, forming a launch line so that when the browser starts, the page of this malware immediately opens.
From this, the second conclusion is to be checked by anti-malware. That is, you did not specify the most important thing - checking for viruses / malware.
In Win10, of course, a pretty good built-in antivirus, but it doesn’t hurt to go through DrWeb CureIt, and Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

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