hash_buy_yourself2019-07-24 09:36:46
hash_buy_yourself, 2019-07-24 09:36:46

After restarting windows 10, the changes are not saved on the disk, what should I do?

You can remove all programs on your computer or install, after rebooting the changes disappear.
windows 10 costs.
Rollback doesn't work, disk repair doesn't either.
The second HDD is working fine.
What's the matter how to fix my mind I'll never know.
It's just that the computer has such a state that it has lost long-term memory, when rebooting it is always the same session with the theme settings that were at that time. To change something is unrealistic, it's just that all changes are rolled back.

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hash_buy_yourself, 2020-03-05

I was replaced under warranty, apparently beyond repair.

Nikolai, 2019-07-24

The disk is not to blame, most likely when you reboot the system rolls back to the previous restore point. See logs to get started.

nimble_bear, 2020-03-04

A similar problem, the SSD disk is 2 months old, it costs VIN10, each reboot from a clean slate. The check disk when checking filename links swears that "An insurmountable error has occurred (696e647863686b2e)"

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