lotrop2016-08-09 08:19:03
lotrop, 2016-08-09 08:19:03

After repair, a laptop without a battery works on charging, but with a battery it does not charge?

Recently had a laptop repair. The problem was a short circuit in the processor. They fixed it. After the repair, I noticed that when the charger was connected, the laptop did not charge, and there were no indicators about charging. But if I take out the battery and insert the charger, the laptop immediately sees the charge and turns on as it should.
Sometimes it happens when the battery is inserted, I connect the charger and everything works, that is, the indicators show that the battery is charging. But this happens in 1 case out of 20 attempts to insert the charge with the battery inserted.
I put someone else's charger, everything works fine on my laptop.
I already rolled back the system and reset the BIOS settings, still nothing helps. What can be wrong?

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kazatchkoff, 2016-08-09

You yourself answered your own question:
Check your charge on another laptop.

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