Tihon492019-08-16 11:46:38
Tihon49, 2019-08-16 11:46:38

After placing the site on the hosting, the background image is not displayed background: url(../img/bg1.jpg)???

I made a website, checked its performance (uploaded it to github.io), everything works fine. Uploaded it to hosting, bought a domain. When you open a site for a purchased domain, the background images set in css are not displayed like this:

background: url('../img/bg1.jpg') center (center/cover) no-repeat

The path to the image is correct (I leave the css folder, go to the img folder and select the file there)
Everything else works as it should.
How to fix the situation?

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Sergey, 2019-08-16

I had this because the extension was written in caps .JPG in the picture file itself.

Maxim, 2019-08-16

maybe no permissions

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