2016-04-25 20:34:39
, 2016-04-25 20:34:39

After migrating WP, does it redirect to the old domain?

To transfer to a new domain, in the admin panel I changed the site addresses to a new domain.
But when I go to this new domain, it redirects me to the old one.

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Mr Crabbz, 2016-04-25

I copy the same instructions for everyone who asks the same thing - "how to solve WordPress problems after a manual transfer":
In the modern world, WordPress does this:
https://wordpress.org/plugins/duplicator/ - put a plugin.
We go into it, click "Create package". Next, next, next.
We get installer.php and archive. Upload them to a new hosting (domain, folder - it doesn't matter). Run site.com/installer.php. Enter a new username and password for the database.
Next, next, next.
At the end, follow the instructions on the screen - log in to the vp, resave the permalinks. Delete the installer files and the archive.
Everything. Everything has been moved. No problems with paths, etc.

Ivan Kozlov, 2016-04-26

First option: Download the database in sql. Open it in notepad++. Press ctrl+h to replace the old domain with the new one throughout the file. Then you delete all the data from the database and import the modified file.
Second option: In wp-config.php (located in the root folder) you write 2 lines:
define('WP_HOME','new domain');
define('WP_SITEURL','new domain');
Perhaps there is some kind of SEO plugin that stores the readerects in the database.

Igor Vorotnev, 2016-04-26

Stop transferring sites to production by hand, 21st century.

Sanes, 2016-04-25

Look for the domain in the database.

Dmitry Khristoev, 2016-04-26

Have you looked at .htacces?

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