1bd_1l_Bari2017-04-30 11:50:03
1bd_1l_Bari, 2017-04-30 11:50:03

After installing Windows 8, 3D programs began to slow down TOTALLY! Because of which?

Good afternoon. The point is the following. I bought myself a laptop in August 2016 for 17,000 Asus. Before buying, I did not pay attention that there was a built-in hard drive of only 27 gigs. I had to buy a hard drive for 500 gigs. Inserted into laptop. Until today, I have been working on it all these months in a 3D program such as Blender 3D. Everything worked chic, did the animation and did the models calmly. But the memory of the built-in hard disk kept filling up and filling up, which led to the fact that I could no longer download normal programs, there was not enough space (some programs still install their own utilities on drive C, even if you install the program itself on disk D). As a result, yesterday I decided to install Windu 8 from Zver on that disk, which is 500 gigs. Installed. I was glad that now there is a lot of space, I installed a lot of programs. But today, Having installed Blender, I encountered the fact that it is VERY slow. Just turning the model or the camera lags hard!!! It's the same with Unity 3D, everything lags hard there too.
What could be the reason, maybe some drivers have crashed ?? Even when I insert headphones into the laptop, the sound still comes from the speakers and it is not in the headphones. But without this, I could still live, but the fact that 3D programs do not work is very bad for me!

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kalapanga, 2017-04-30

Windu from the "animals" in the trash, after installing a normal distribution, install all the drivers for your laptop from Asus.

lukoie, 2017-04-30

The problem is with the drivers. I recommend the program with which I always solve such problems: DriverMax.
Just put the video card drivers first. Because in free mode it only updates two drivers per day.

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