FairyTaleComposer2021-11-08 01:24:51
FairyTaleComposer, 2021-11-08 01:24:51

After installing Windows 10, I see an error - operating system not found, what is the reason?

I put windows from a flash drive from Linux, the image is downloaded from the office. site. Since I only have a BIOS, I make an MBR partition table on a flash drive, and an NTFS file system. On the disk I see the Windows folder, that is, somehow it is installed. There have already been several experiments of writing an image to a USB flash drive, in different ways, nothing gives a result. I don’t want to ruin the flash drive, but still understand what I’m doing wrong and do it right.

For the gifted: - "after installation" means that I installed the system, and of course, it was pre-booted from a USB flash drive. I put the system on a separate SSD, after the installation is completed, I change the boot priority in the BIOS to this disk and try to boot from it, which I get the above error.

For those who are facing a similar issue:
I ended up installing Windows. So I suspected that the boot partition was not being created. I did not know that you need to disconnect the disks, now it turns out that if you do not disconnect the disks, then Windows does not create a boot partition on the disk where it is installed. And I thought that I was writing a crooked image to a USB flash drive. It turns out that everything is in order with the image recorded on the USB flash drive.

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Drno, 2021-11-08

Disconnect all drives except the desired ssd.
Set up the system. Should help

Yan, 2021-11-09

Now you start recovery from the same flash drive and select boot recovery (fixing boot problems)

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