Vlad Serov2017-03-16 10:39:02
Vlad Serov, 2017-03-16 10:39:02

After installing the theme plugins, woocommerce stops counting the rest of the products, what should I do?

Completed the project, everything is fine. We put the right amount of goods and after the first purchases everything fell apart.
The bottom line: the number of balances is set to 10. When buying 2 pieces, 8 should remain, but in fact the system translates the value into a negative form and puts (-2). If they buy 7 pieces, then the value will become -7 and the product will go into out of stock mode.
Through trial and error, I realized that it depends on one of the two main plugins that came with the theme. And after deactivating them or even deleting them, nothing changes.
I put the template on my test site - until they are activated, everything works. After activation - you just need to demolish everything and reinstall it.
+ in the admin panelwhen you select the properties of a product, it is not an integer number of residues, but it looks like this 10,0000000 when on the test site before the plugins are activated, the number is an integer, without additional values.
Question. How to find a function that messes up the leftovers or make changes to the database to activate their work.
UPD: the topic is called Revo ( link )
Already tried everything, I can not understand anything. In php and database at this level is not strong.

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Alexey Sklyarov, 2017-03-16

In php and database at this level is not strong.

Therefore, you will not solve the problem. Wookomers has a huge number of hooks that can be changed/added to functions.php. I won't be surprised if you have more than one thousand lines of code in it. Unfortunately, no one will tell you anything without a template name. And the probability that they will say, if there are template files, is low. Too much to look through.
This is my personal opinion, it may be wrong.

ararahis, 2018-10-03

It was also such a problem. It turned out the case in the menu which was display:flex; dig towards the indoor blocks. Especially with display:flex and min-width

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