Exvel2013-03-31 21:29:13
Exvel, 2013-03-31 21:29:13

After installing ReSharper pop-up descriptions disappeared in autocomplete

Actually, in order not to describe the problem for a long time, I will attach screenshots.

Without a resharper, there is a pop-up description:

With a resharper, no:

Resharper 7.1, Visual Studio 2012 Pro
The problem is both on a work computer and on a home one.

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Exvel, 2013-04-13

Phew, by typing I still found a solution.
It turns out that Resharper's pop-up description setting is disabled by default.
Enable : Reshaper - Options - Environment - IntelliSense - Completion Appereance - Show Summary .

Illivion, 2013-04-01

Similar problem. But for me this did not happen immediately after installation, but after some time. I think that reinstalling resharper should fix the situation.

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