driftman2015-09-23 21:35:47
driftman, 2015-09-23 21:35:47

After installing linux mint, XP stopped loading, how to fix it?

Both operating systems are required on a computer.
Currently installed on different drives.
When choosing a hard drive where XP stands, it does not find it and loads mint. How can this be fixed?)

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Neic, 2015-09-24

Read how to add boot another OS to grub2. But you can also overwrite mbr

Igor Bogachev, 2015-09-24

You provided very little information! First, do you have two logical drives or 2 physical drives? At what stage do you choose what to ship and from where and how do you do it?
In the most common case, a PC has one hard drive, it is divided into two or more partitions, one of which has NTFS and Windows of some kind, the other Linux partitions (ext2 | 3 | 4 swap, etc.) The choice of what will be loaded is handled by GRUB (the most common bootloader in Linux systems), providing a menu after switching on. If you do, then Neic's answer is correct: look for a description of how to add Win XP boot to the GRUB menu, which for some reason he did not see when installing Linux Mint (and this is strange)
However, based on your description, it seems that you have 2 physical disks and you choose at the BIOS boot level by pressing the button (usually F8) from where to boot. If so, then Linux Mint and GRUB most likely have nothing to do with it, and you need to disable the screw with them and look for the reason why Win XP is not loaded. First, make sure that the primary partition of this disk is marked as active and bootable.

Maxim Terentiev, 2015-09-24

MBR from Windows can be restored by booting from the ERD commander disk.
To add grub try as root
update-grub && reboot

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