TocTbIP2020-06-22 14:33:28
TocTbIP, 2020-06-22 14:33:28

After installing FTP on Ubutu Server, I lost access to the site via http, how to fix it?

Good afternoon! Installed OpenLiteSpeed ​​on ubuntu, connected php and MySQl, installed wordpress, forwarded ports, everything worked. Created a simple page that also worked. There was a need for ftp access, a ledge, after installing vsFTPd, the site at http was no longer available. I connect via ftp without problems. How can you understand what the problem is? All ports are forwarded.

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Alexey Sundukov, 2020-06-22

Let's see what it says:

sudo netstat -plan | grep -i listen | grep tcp | grep 80

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