Developer2020-02-05 08:52:08
Developer, 2020-02-05 08:52:08

After installation, there is no application shortcut, why?

After installing an app, it launches on the device, but there is no app shortcut on the home screen.

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Developer, 2020-05-06

Understood the problem. This is a device specific feature.
In order for the shortcut to appear on the screen, you must create and install a signed application. Otherwise, there will be no label.
Strange, I haven't seen this before on other devices.

Artem Shurygin, 2020-02-05

To figure it out exactly, you need to know the name and type of the application, its version, the name and series of the device. If you record a video from the smartphone screen, it will be easier to explain.
Some reasons:
- the application is built into Google's base ones (may not be shown on the main screen)
- the application has not been updated to the latest version
- the device OS has an incompatible build with the application (you can update to the latest version or roll back to the previous one)
- the color of the icon becomes invisible against the background of the screen saver / wallpaper of the device screen
- the essence of the application is in a one-time opening (system, script)
I hope that helped. I would be grateful if you visit my website " Guarantor of Obligations "

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