nickolay19672017-02-07 15:04:38
nickolay1967, 2017-02-07 15:04:38

After installation, the command is not available - what to do?

Hello. I run the following command in the terminal:

npm i knex -g

The installation is successful. After that I execute:
knex migrate:latest

And I get an error:
command not found: knex

Such problems occur very often.
What could it be? How to deal with it? What is the problem?

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Alexey, 2017-02-07

During the execution of the command, the shell looks for an executable file in all directories registered in $ PATH. Check if your variable is correct (echo $PATH). Locate the file with locate or find and try running it with an absolute path (/usr/bin/knex for example). In UNIX, nothing is lost just like that, it is important to understand this.

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