Igor Sivitsky2018-09-19 16:25:02
Igor Sivitsky, 2018-09-19 16:25:02

After incorrect deletion of logical volumes, Ubuntu does not boot, what should I do?

The history of the case is as follows, I created two new disks, sdb1 and sdb2 in sdb, over them I wrote two logical volumes lv1 lv2. Then the fdisk command and then o . Erase the table of division into sdb, thereby destroying sdb1 and sdb2, and then began to delete logical blocks. After that, I created two new sdb1 and sdb2 sdb1 on sdi and made a swap and mounted it. After that I turned off the system. Now I can't boot. The bootloader hangs before asking for a password.
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Saiputdin Omarov, 2018-09-19

Akronis has a muddy image that has the ability to return deleted partitions. try.

Igor Sivitsky, 2018-09-19

So I don't have to return them. These are just the sections that I practiced on.

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