Ruslan Mordovanech2021-12-21 11:48:28
Ruslan Mordovanech, 2021-12-21 11:48:28

After I found a Json match, how do I remove it?

with open("file1.json", "r") as f1:
    file1 = json.loads(f1.read())
with open("file2.json", "r") as f2:
    file2 = json.loads(f2.read())

for item in file2:
    if item in file1:
        print(f"Found : {item}")

If it finds data in file1 that is in file2, then delete this data in file1.
How to write it?

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Feor_slen, 2021-12-21

file1.clear - will clear your variable from the data taken from the file

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