DanStroganov2017-03-26 18:19:42
DanStroganov, 2017-03-26 18:19:42

After HTML5/CSS3 learn JavaScript or Responsive layout?

Learned the basics of HTML5/CSS3, made some simple fixed-layout layouts.
Now I can’t decide what to learn next:
1. JavaScript
2. Learn to type adaptively
Everywhere you need both, but what to learn first?

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Faber Estello, 2017-03-26

Well, it is logical that the layout needs to be taught to the end, which means that the adaptive should be disassembled!
And then climb into js.

xmoonlight, 2017-03-26

item 2. because JS is always slower than CSS3.
Everything that is needed to render the blocks must be done in HTML/CSS3.

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