Denis2016-05-27 23:24:09
Denis, 2016-05-27 23:24:09

After fetching from the database, saving the result?

Good evening! There is a filter of objects from a DB on php/mysqli. The problem is that I'm stupid I don't know ajax)) so there was a problem that the filter is in the middle of the page. After sampling on php, the page is updated and throws meyan to the very beginning. When I anchor the header("Location: ") under the selection where the filter is located, the result is simply deleted and all values ​​are entered again. How to solve it? So that when you reload the page and redirect to the anchor where the filter does not lose the result of the selection?

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Ivan Vodyanov, 2016-05-28

Put all filters at the top of the page and do it in php

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