Sanekon062020-03-30 01:01:06
Sanekon06, 2020-03-30 01:01:06

After entering the game, the computer crashes, how to treat it?

In general, I noticed such a thing, I have 8GB of RAM with 2 slats of 4 (from different manufacturers, one crutical second Kingston) and when I play games oo I notice that when the FPS is low, then the RAM is gone, I go into the task manager and see that 3.9 is available (4 ,1 hardware), when I turn it back through msconfig, the computer gives out bsod, only when I play, I downloaded a utility to check the RAM, it also crashes, but this situation happens when 8 is active.
When one die is hardware, then everything works. Bios latest motherboard on fm2+ socket.
Bsod like Kernel-Power 43(61) and so on related bsod.
Now I'm running memory in memtest.

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MagicMight, 2020-03-30

This kind of thing happens when the PSU has a power outage.
Either on the power supply itself, or on the power supply from the motherboard.
Two such cases in my memory were cured only by replacing the bp.
In one of the cases, the computer crashed with KP under a stress test, so try to start it and let it stand

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