Evgeny Boyko2021-06-07 23:33:26
Evgeny Boyko, 2021-06-07 23:33:26

After Effects, how do I adjust the Fill effect so that the animation of the appearance of the text from the mask becomes faster?

Hello, please tell me in after effects, there is a Fill effect, adding it to the text layer, adding the line Animate -> Position, applied a mask and tried to animate the appearance of the text. Everything works out, but the appearance takes a very long time, is it possible to somehow speed up its appearance?

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Evgeniy Boyko, 2021-06-07

As an example: https://disk.yandex.ru/d/R7TURVs8rNFJag , I can’t figure out why one is faster than the second one is slower?

DarkWood, 2021-06-08

The standard keyframe assistant has been applied to the inscription "blackeyedcat": Easy Ease In and Easy Ease Out. And it's not entirely clear why you add the Fill effect to the text - its color can be changed just like that.

Evgeny Golubev, 2021-06-21

A screenshot of the timeline and motion settings?
Why text fill?
Option 1:
I mean the problem is in Fill, namely in its identical keywords for both layers. -Although they are relatively bg in different places. Therefore, the speed is different.
Option 2:
When the text is already leaving, you can see that "NTCN" starts moving earlier, which means that its key is earlier.
And to be honest, solving such a "problem" without screenshots is a jerk.
You originally came up with something xs why))
You put 2 texts where you need. You choose the color you need for them (no Fill is needed here). You make text masks. You make the animation of the text itself - that's it.

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