kinitko2011-02-11 14:20:18
kinitko, 2011-02-11 14:20:18

After deleting the contents of a file, can it be recovered?

Often you need to delete some files without the possibility of recovery. For this, they use special software and overwrite with other files from above. But the question is interesting - is it possible to restore the file if you delete its contents with the same notepad and save it?

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RuJet, 2011-02-11

Much depends on the file system.
Some filesystems write changes to new blocks.

Sergey, 2011-02-11

If you write zeros and ones to the file before deleting, and even several times, then you can’t, as far as I know. In other cases it is possible.

Krypt, 2011-02-11

Yes, at least in FAT it is possible to recover. The "tail" above the current file length remains on disk. I suppose that in other fs too.

belk, 2011-02-11

Algorithms for destroying information
Nothing prevents you from using them manually, using Notepad.

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