Therapyx2015-11-23 22:34:29
Therapyx, 2015-11-23 22:34:29

After copying the entire project to a laptop, all time and date standards have changed...?

I copied the whole project from the seventh Windows (Russian) to the ten Enterprise (USA) and as you understand, now all the grid and detailsview show me in the tables the format like: mm / dd / yyyy, instead of dd.mm.yyyy. To change any of the lines, you also have to change / to . The very same visual studio, sql management studio definitely did not install in USA.
Is it possible to somehow change this without resorting to changing the code in the project itself? For example, change the complete Windows system without reinstalling it from scratch. Or are there more elegant solutions? :)
ps Now I thought, maybe it's possible to make global settings for temporary standards in config? asp.net webforms project.

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Therapyx, 2015-11-23

Found a solution. Described at the following link :)

Dmitry Kovalsky, 2015-11-23

Get into the system control panel. Language and regional settings. Set the interface to Russian language, Russian locale. But in fairness, it will be cool if your project can adapt to different locales.

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