Nikolay Baranenko2017-02-01 14:52:53
IntelliJ IDEA
Nikolay Baranenko, 2017-02-01 14:52:53

After changing the SVN server protocol to HTTPS, why does Intellig IDEA keep requesting the old URL?

Today I decided to change the SVN server protocol from HTTP to HTTPS.
The change was successful.
Changed to HTTPS in Intellig IDEA by changing the URL through the options menu SVN -> Integrate Project
Source 1 and Source 2 changed to https, entered the password with saving, IDEA saw my project directory via HTTPS - everything is OK.
Tried to commit already on HTTPS.
A window appears - Autentification Required
in which the old HTTP is registered in the Authentification realm line instead of the new HTTPS.
I went back to the Integrate Project, there is again HTTP.
I also tried Clear Auth Cache and re-enter HTTPS.
The result is the same.
Tell me what is the problem and how to solve it?

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