DileSoft2011-03-31 20:15:25
DileSoft, 2011-03-31 20:15:25

After changing the SD card, the mobile began to slow down?

Mobile LG Optimus One. I bought a 16 GB card, class 4 (Micro SDHC 16Gb Class 4 Kingston [SDC4/16GB-2ADP] Retail). Everything is fine, but a number of programs began to slow down. For example, in FBReader, pages freeze a little before scrolling. Why could this be?
I transferred the information from the old card to the new one completely (from the connected android in the drive mode to the card reader, after which I changed the card in the phone).

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justrestless, 2011-03-31

chinese mb card

optemist, 2011-03-31

Here is a program for checking cards. It checks card integrity and speed. I have a Chinese card on 16GB at home, only on it, in fact, 2 GB.

optemist, 2011-03-31

By the way, Chinese cards can be identified by their appearance. They are often smeared or unevenly printed characters.

belk, 2011-03-31

Class 4 - sparse. 6-8 would be nice, ideally 10.

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