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network hardware
776166, 2021-03-06 15:19:54

After changing the router to Microtik, Ubuntu shows the "wrong" last login from one of the clients. What's wrong?

Only valid for one car. When you login from it, it shows the ip of the router.

Resolved: I'm an idiot.
For a trouble-free connection to the server, I registered a short address in hosts and it looks at the external ip. Those. I always connect to it as if from the outside, but in this case from the local network. When connected from outside, everything is in order, but in LAN it is a router.

Although, probably, it should have shown my internal ip. you can probably do something with the rules of the firewall of the router, but I will not. Life is so short.

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Sergey, 2021-03-06

This machine is probably sitting behind a nat router

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