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Orc, 2017-05-14 06:02:44

After changing the protocol (http to https), cross-domain data exchange was broken. How to fix?

Posted a topic, because. didn't find something similar here... Redirected all site requests through Cloudflare, having received Google's "trust", expressed by a green padlock in browsers. Also, along with this "extraordinarily useful" status, I received a complete hemorrhoid of rewriting scripts, etc. !!!

The cross-domain exchange transport I set up (I use the jquery.ajax-cross-origin.min.js plugin ) with remote scripts (the user copies the code in his personal account and pastes it on his site), which worked perfectly and without failures overnight " fell". Having corrected the headers and a little, the script itself achieved that the data (in json) still reaches the browser, but it refuses to parse them, for some reason the request is not parsed! I need help from the community, I'm sure someone has already experienced this)

Screenshot with the debugger and the request code - console.log output:

Script that generates the request:

var url = 'https:< - путь до обработчика ->.php';
        crossOrigin: true,
        url: url,
        jsonpCallback : "callback",
        data: {< - передаваемые данные ->},
        context: {},

        success: function(data) {

            if (data !== 'ERROR') {


            } else {


Handler code snippet:

if (< - если данные получены ->) {

    // Запрашиваем по ним данные в базе данных
    $result_intent = < - тут запрос к БД ->
    $intent = sql_fetch_assoc($result_intent);

    // Собираем массив
    $response[] = array (

        < - присваиваем данные ->,
        "status"    => 'OK'

    // Возвращаем данные в JSON скрипту монитора
    header('Content-type: application/json');
    echo json_encode($response , true);
echo 'ERROR';

The handler itself packs the data in JSON without error - I checked it, and I didn’t change it, I DID NOT EVEN TOUCH it. The data, as you can see from the screenshot, reaches the browser...

ONE VERY GOOD PERSON advised to look into the NETWORK tab of the Chrome debugger.
It turned out that the data comes encrypted, flying through the CloudFlare server. Accordingly, the browser cannot parse them in any way.

Instead of echo 'ERROR'; in the handler inserted the header on error:

header('HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found');
echo 'Ошибка, не все данные получены!';

Debugger NETWORK tab (screenshots):



And how to bypass this miracle?!.

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