Vasya Pupkin2019-07-30 10:08:42
Database administration
Vasya Pupkin, 2019-07-30 10:08:42

After changing the password for the sa account in MSSQL, there is a login error in the logs, how to remove it?

Changed the password for the sa superadmin in the sequelserver. In the Windows logs every two minutes an error is written:

Login failed for user "sa". Cause: The password did not match the login passed. [CUSTOMER: ]
How to fix it?
I have already checked all the options where the superadmin can be used, I can’t figure out where to enter a new password so that the error goes away and where this sa is trying to log in.
There are maintenance plans, I also checked everything there. Where to dig?

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Konstantin Tsvetkov, 2019-07-30


Sergey, 2019-07-30

Try to reconnect the database in the 1C administration cluster by specifying a new login\password pair.
Or, as an option, specify a new password in the properties of the cluster database.

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