romantik10232020-05-25 03:37:06
romantik1023, 2020-05-25 03:37:06

After changing the name, the computer starts only in safe mode. What to do?

I decided to change the computer name from Cyrillic to Latin, after the computer does not start in normal boot mode. Windows troubleshooting doesn't help, endless troubleshooting. The computer only starts in safe mode. I tried to change the name from safe mode to the reverse - nothing changed. How to start the computer in normal mode?

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Korben5E, 2020-05-25

Read the logs first

Andrey Ermachenok, 2020-05-25

Roll back the system to a restore point.
Doesn't help - looks like a HDD failure. In Safe mode, save the data, then deal with the disk.

fpir, 2020-05-25

It looks like the user account is broken (as an option). Try creating a new user.

xmoonlight, 2020-05-25

Great trolling! )))

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