gregorypetrov2019-04-27 11:12:54
gregorypetrov, 2019-04-27 11:12:54

After changing the domain, it is impossible to enter the MODx Revo admin panel, how to fix it?

The site on MODx Revo worked on a test domain, for example. test.example.com, now tied it to a permanent address - sitename.com. That is, only the domain has changed, the files themselves have not moved anywhere.
Before changing the domain, I cleared the cache and exited the admin panel.
After changing the domain, the pages open, everything is displayed correctly, including the sitename.com/manager admin login page.
But after trying to login, an error page is shown - The resource /manager not found on this server.
I manually cleaned the /core/cache folder, it does not help. How to deal with this problem? Thanks in advance!

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Anton Tarasov, 2019-04-27

Are the MODX configs corrected correctly?
webserver configs?
There are no forgotten redirects, .htaccess files (in case of apache).
What's in the MODX logs?
In the browser console logs?

Neocaridina, 2019-04-27

Somewhere something is left, search in the database / files at test.example.com/example.com
Or, most likely, the absolute paths are somewhere old, also search

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