Vadim Katushkin2016-09-17 01:57:47
Vadim Katushkin, 2016-09-17 01:57:47

After centering the menu in style.css, the sub menu fell apart, what to do?


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xtala zen, 2016-09-17

Most likely the sub-items of the menu as descendants were passed the CSS properties that you applied to the main menu. Avoid formatting with contextual selectors of the form: .class p, they can harm the descendants of the selectors. To specify which selector the CSS rules should apply to, use child selectors of the form : .class>p>li. To change exactly why the items of interest are displayed the way they are, and not otherwise they can be explored. In Firefox, this is done like this - right-click on the element of interest - explore the element.

A person from Kazakhstan, 2016-09-17

it's for us to guess from the screen - what's wrong with your styles?
-- answer at the moment how to fix it easily - cut it out in photoshop and do it right -- if you
want a competent answer - attach a link to the site or to codepen or jsfidlle

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