semki0962016-07-09 18:09:07
semki096, 2016-07-09 18:09:07

After buying a license, Bitrix issues an open source code. What prevents you from copying it and using it on several domains?

Interested in how it is implemented programmatically.

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Julia Bedrosova, 2016-07-10

Nothing but the law. There, protection is more of a legal nature than a physical one.

Sergey, 2016-07-09

How do you think it is implemented?
There is a license server that knows everything about licenses. The site also stores information about your license. The condition is checked if the license is active - get updates.
There are hacked Bitrix, without the ability to install updates

Dimonchik, 2016-07-09

nothing prevents
funny small web offices can even dump and sell Bitrix to the customer as licensed

ComodoHacker, 2016-07-09

I read somewhere that installation and usage information is sent to the company. As a result, licenses may be revoked.

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