captanjones2020-05-04 19:56:40
captanjones, 2020-05-04 19:56:40

After building PyInstaller, an error is triggered (win32api module not found). What should I do?

Many have already encountered this problem and posted their questions on the Internet.
But none of the solutions helped.

import win32.win32api as win32

def pressed_keys ( ):

def is_pressed (key):

Import Error: DLL load failed while importing win32api: Не найден указанный модуль

I already have pypiwin32 and pywin32 installed

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Sergey Karbivnichy, 2020-05-04

pip install pypiwin32

import win32.win32api as win32
- maybe it's better not to do that. Instead of win32, take a different name.

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