KazTur2018-04-19 20:03:24
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KazTur, 2018-04-19 20:03:24

After blocking the RKN, the site does not open in the browser?

Good evening! I'm not sure that I created a topic in the right thread ...
In general, this morning my VPS, apparently, fell under the distribution for telegrams and blocked the IP (but I'm not sure). And yes, we are talking about Digitalocean.
As a result, I transferred it to another VPS from the same hoster, the IP changed.
If the old IP on the tracert command in the Windows command line after the line
a197-VAS-IN.msk.stream-internet.net []
gave "Timeout exceeded", then everything is in order on the new IP - it is routed to the server.
SSH has also become available.
But in the browser, the sites do not open, and I can not understand why. Moreover, not everyone - specifically MTS, Megafon (not sure) do not open, others open. I have MTS, does not open.
The thing is - if there was a provider's cache, then it would knock on the old IP. And I don’t understand why it doesn’t open in the browser (none)?
Problems on the server side seem to be excluded - the hoster himself checked the main page of the site - gives 200 and opens from his browser.
In general, I'm at an impasse - what else could it be? The main thing is why I have access via SSH, tracert gives normal results, but does not open from the browser?!

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Dimonchik, 2018-04-19

DNS is not yet - no?

KazTur, 2018-04-20

In general, temporarily solved the problem.
The second IP was also in the registry (it was not banned, but it was on the list, so it was not on the crooked RKN website), so there was access directly via SSH. Those. it's not about the DNS.
I stubbornly bowed the droplets to new ipi, as a result, it took off on the 6th droplet ... I don’t know how long it will last)))

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