Kirill Kirillovich2019-12-06 09:27:02
Kirill Kirillovich, 2019-12-06 09:27:02

After adding to the domain, does the virtual machine require a password?

This has happened, please help!
WMware worckstation
domain windows server standart 2008 r2 Password complies with Microsoft security requirements.
2 virtual machines windows 10 64x, both accounts without passwords!
The configured domain, added the domain IP on both virtual machines, entered the administrator log and password, the system asked for a reboot.
And one virtual machine, when you log in under its account, began to require a password! What, she was without a password.

The password from the domain admin panel is not suitable!
1. I enter a login without a password, I press enter, it requires
a password
Doesn't login
3. Uppercase , same thing
ps I'm an admin, I don't know the password! But, if Windows requires it, then it knows what password! So someone else knows him! Maybe you ?


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Dmitry, 2019-12-06

The domain machine may have policies different from the local ones and, for security reasons, prohibit passwordless login.

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