Nathan Stark2015-07-09 09:24:52
Nathan Stark, 2015-07-09 09:24:52

After adding a user, CUser::GetList doesn't load it?

There is some page, on top I display a list of users that I have registered, after (below) the new user registration form itself.
in the user field UF_MANYREG the list of id of users which I registered is stored.
Top part

    $ThisUser = CUser::GetByID($USER->GetID());
    $serMANYREG = $ThisUser->Fetch()["UF_MANYREG"];
    $arrMANYREG = unserialize($serMANYREG);

    if($arrMANYREG) {
        foreach ($arrMANYREG as $artostr)
            $strMANYREG .= $artostr . "||";

        $rsUser = CUser::GetList(($by = "id"), ($order = "desc"), array("ID" => $strMANYREG), array());

        while ($arUser = $rsUser->Fetch())
            echo "<div>" . $arUser["LAST_NAME"] . " " . $arUser["NAME"] . " " . $arUser["SECOND_NAME"] . (($arUser["PERSONAL_CITY"]) ? ", <span>" . GetCountryByID($arUser["PERSONAL_COUNTRY"]).", ".$arUser["PERSONAL_CITY"] . "</span>" : "") . '<a href="/personal/collectivereg/edituser/?user=' . $arUser["ID"] . '" style="float: right;font-size: 12px;color: gainsboro;">Редактировать</a>' . "</div>";

from below I connect the registration component that I edited a little (removed the authorization check so that I could register a new user being authorized)
The whole problem is that after I register the user, the page is updated and this user is not displayed in the top list, only after page refresh. The cache is completely disabled.
I think there may be some other cache ..

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Alexander, 2015-07-09
Madzhugin @Suntechnic

Naturally. At you at first there is a selection of users, and then registration. So at the moment when you get users, the one you are trying to register is not there yet.

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