nnikolyaa2020-06-26 16:22:54
nnikolyaa, 2020-06-26 16:22:54

After a long time VK_API knocks out an error like ReadTimeout?

I was trying to find a way around this error and I came across this

#ваш код
except requests.exceptions.ReadTimeout:
        print("Переподключение к серверам ВК")
        log_restart = open('log.txt','a')
        log_restart.write("Переподключение к серверам ВК\n")

I put it on, walked away for an hour. And a mistake. I don't know why it didn't Reconect-zero the connection to vk, please help. As a last resort, I can change the post and throw off the source.

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nnikolyaa, 2020-06-26

That's it, no help needed! For those who came to this question in search of a solution to the error, here is a way:

while True:
    #тело кода
    except requests.exceptions.ReadTimeout:
        print("Переподключение к серверам ВК")

GavriKos, 2014-10-07

By size, budget, matrix type and connection. Still critical can be "turning". There are a few questions on the toaster, you can search.

evnux, 2014-10-07

Here is an option.

StrangeAttractor, 2014-10-07

My priorities are:
1. Price - should be within some reasonable budget that I can safely afford (or slightly painful if it's worth it).
2. Resolution - the more, the more (with good vision and close placement of the monitor) can be displayed on the screen at the same time.
3. Connection - it is desirable that there is HDMI of the latest version (for ultra-high resolutions) and Dual Link DVI (for the same), it is desirable (but not necessary if you take it for a desktop or a modern laptop) the presence of D-SUB (analog VGA) will not hurt and presence of DisplayPort.
4. Type of matrix (important for clarity and color reproduction).
5. Matte. If we take glossy (due to the combination of other parameters and price) - preferably models with hard glass (they are generally preferable, but it seems that frosted glasses simply do not exist, and haze is more important for me).
6. Format (I prefer the classic 4:3, but nowadays this has to be neglected because their choice is too narrow).
7. Removable leg, VESA-mount, pivoting (pivot).
8. The presence of physical buttons-regulators - I think it's a plus.

kukuruzo, 2014-10-07

Read articles =DEAD=
And then you can read reviews on specific models goo.gl/FRT00H

Kater-auf-Dach, 2014-10-07

I did not have time to ask a similar question, though more specific. I'll ask here then. But maybe my thoughts will be useful to the author.
So, the task is to choose a monitor, the goal is web development, primarily layout and a little coding, plus surfing, working with documents. I don't play games, I have a TV for movies. Vision is frankly bad. Budget - up to 12-13 thousand.
There are 3 main options:
1. 27 'FulHD on an AMVA or AH-IPS matrix,
2. 24' 16:10 aspect ratio on AH-IPS,
3. 24' 16:9 aspect ratio on AMVA or AH-IPS.
For tasks, it seems like AMVA and 16:10 are more suitable, but only AH-IPS is available for such a resolution. On the other hand, a large pixel at 27' would probably be more suitable for my vision.
However, there is another option - two 21.5 'monitors (for example, this one ) - also fits into the budget, and at the same time it seems more convenient than ultrawid 29 '(21: 9)
Maybe someone can tell, based on their personal experience, which is better and more comfortable for the eyes and work? For in the store it is still quite difficult to understand ...

Railchik, 2014-10-08

The large monitor is only good for watching movies. Reading and writing code takes a bit of strain (this is my feeling). Therefore, I bought 2 monica: one 24 horizontal and one 21.5 vertical (so that the site can be opened longer or the Word document is 100%). The price was not expensive. Up to 15 thousand rubles.

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